How would YOU like to learn:

  • to be more successful?
  • to make MORE money?
  • to turn IDEAS into ACTION?
  • to shift your paradigms and change your MINDSET?
  • to set effective GOALS? … and then ACCOMPLISH THEM!

Goal setting is a skill. And just like any other skill, needs to be learned, practiced, and repeated to reach MASTERY. Setting the right goals could be the different between success and stagnation.

My coaching program can help you in all of these areas and MORE! EVERYONE deserves to realize their true potential, and I can help you get there.

Society today can sometimes hinder us from this, because it encourages contentment and continual reinforcement that our current situation is ALL there will ever be! True potential, passion discovery, paradigm shifts, and the power of CHOICE are not things that are taught in formal educational institutions, but things we must learn on our own! Once we make the CHOICE to change, NOTHING can stop us, and EVERYONE has it within themselves to be their own BEST versions! Consulting a Human Potential Coach offers that extra EDGE in getting there! Contact me today for your FREE initial coaching discovery call!

What you will get when you work with me:



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-Nikki Cohn-Byrd, Coach, Well          Life Human Potential Coaching           I’ve helped dozens of people who were struggling in some area of life, to overcome their own self doubt and break the barrier to happiness. Whether you want to improve your physical fitness, quit your 9-5, or simply be a more passionate partner, I can help you get there.