Wellness Coaching For Employers

As a wellness coach for employers, I offer guidance to businesses on:

  1. Developing effective employee wellness programs
  2. Setting up onsite employee group classes
  3. Organizing and planning employee wellness days
  4. Leading educational wellness lunch and learns
  5. Providing an onsite certified personal trainerIMG_4781 edited
  6. Special discounts on individual coaching for employees is available.

Employer wellness programs have shown to boost employee morale, happiness, retention, and productivity while minimizing presenteeism, absenteeism, PTO days taken, lost time, and beneficial outcomes on employer group health insurance. This is even more important in the younger workforce. As the millennial population is predicted to make up 75% of the workforce by 2025, they are a strong and vital part of your business success. However, their needs and wants are much different than the older population, with an increasing desire for their employer to care about their health.

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