Wellness Coaching For Individuals

What can you expect from my wellness coaching program?

As a wellness coach, I specialize in supporting you to be the healthiest you can be, through positive wellness and lifestyle changes. My wellness programs focus on preventive measures such as healthy diet, lifestyle changes, fitness, self-care, and balance. My holistic approach to well-being examines factors such as eating habits, physical activity and lifestyle choices that impact all other life factors that have an effect on the whole person, such as career, relationships, and stress.

Think of me as your WELLNESS CHANGE AGENT helping you TRANSFORM and achieve BALANCE in ALL areas of LIFE.

Options for wellness coaching programs:

My wellness coaching program is a 60 day program of transformation. It includes:

  1. One on one guidance and coaching via phone or video conference
  2. Personalized goal setting and plans of action
  3. Access to discounts to various local health vendors
  4. Options for personalized fitness and nutrition programs with further optional video or in-person training

nikki1 headshot sizeTo understand coaching, you must experience the inspiration and accountability it provides. It is not my job to force change, rather to give you the information, resources, and mentorship that will allow you to successfully take action towards your goals. My gift is recognizing potential and opportunity in others that they may not recognize in themselves, and help them become more successful by focusing on the things that make them UNIQUE.

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Referral Program

EVERYONE deserves a chance to live the life they’ve been dreaming of, and they’re more likely to seek guidance when it is referred to them through a trusted source. That is why I offer multiple avenues from you to benefit from referring my services to friends, family, co-workers, or acquaintances, aside from the general satisfaction of SERVICE!

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