What is ‘Well Life Coaching?

I help young entrepreneurs and young professionals accelerate their success through building a foundation of a healthy body and a healthy mind.8x10nikki-cohn-byrd_091.jpg

Why work with me?

As a young entrepreneur myself, I recognize that today more than ever we are inundated with so many opportunities for advancement, that sometimes it may become overwhelming. Trust me, I’ve been there. However, after I defined what SUCCESS actually was to me, I was able to build a foundation towards accomplishing all of my goals! This happened after I learned to balance my work with my own personal physical and mental health and wellness.

Young people have such an advantage already in the workforce that the better prepared they are as INDIVIDUALS, the more success they will receive. Does this sound like you? Do you want to become more effective and successful in your endeavors? Give me a shout and let’s work on this together!

To book an appointment, inquire about my services, or hire Nikki for a speaking event, call 502.759.9702, or email nikki@welllifecoaching.com.



There is NO better investment, than the one you make in YOURSELF!

CHANGE your LIFE! The time is NOW!!