Alyssa McCord – Eat Well Nashville

In today’s fast paced world, healthy meal delivery services are BLOWING up across the country. Meat one company who’s making a huge impact in the Nashville area! Check out some food delivery services near you!

imagesDo you hate grocery shopping, suck at cooking, or have ZERO time to make healthy options in the kitchen? Never fear, Eat Well Nashville is here! One of the many healthy food delivery services that are popping up across the country, Eat Well is making a big impact in Music City. From cooked meal kits to prepped meals to smoothies and everything in between, Eat Well is tailoring their delivery to satisfy people on almost every diet under the sun. Alyssa McCord, their director of marketing, was kind enough to answer some questions for the AF2 team! Check out their responses below.

  • What is it that EatWell Nashville offers to the community?
    • The short answer: We are a meal prep service! We delivery fresh and healthy cooked meals directly to your door every week so you can spend less time shopping and chopping. We try to making eating well as easy as possible! The long answer: We’re on a mission to help our community eat well and live better. We believe that healthy, natural food has the power to change lives, and it shouldn’t be exclusive to folks who have the time to shop + chop or the Top Chef skills to make good-for-you food exciting to eat. With healthy, freshly cooked meals made easily accessible through direct home + office delivery, as well as through our state-of-the-art vending refrigerators, we’re helping Nashvillians crush their hunger one meal at a time.
  • How did you get started (motivation), and what is the ultimate VISION?
    • Founded by Nashville locals and serial entrepreneurs Rob Bellenfant and Spencer Donaldson, our team built Eat Well Nashville because like most people, we’re busy – and unfortunately, convenient healthy options for busy people in Nashville are far and few between. We’re not body builders or health freaks… We’re just normal people who want to eat well (excuse the pun) without breaking the bank or spending hours fighting our ways through crowded grocery stores and meal prepping every single week. Our ultimate vision is pretty simple: We want to make healthy food easily accessible for our community.
  • Why is your service important, and how do you see it contributing to the overall health and wellness of our city?
    • It’s no secret that healthy food isn’t exactly the easiest thing to find in Nashville. BBQ, hot chicken, and beer? You can find that basically on every corner. But healthy food? Not so much. Even more so, getting healthy MEALS that you don’t have to cook yourself is even harder. Plus, most of the time, the healthy options that are available just aren’t that appetizing. We see Eat Well being an important part in both making healthy food more accessible in our community, and in education our fellow Nashvillians that eating well can actually be delicious!
  • Who are your current affiliates/partners you supply to?
    • With our delivery service, we deliver about 4,000 meals every week around the greater Nashville area, directly to peoples’ homes, offices, and gyms. We also work with local gyms like Title Boxing Club, Crossfit Combustion, and TNB Fitness as pick-up locations to make getting your meals each week that much easier. We also have state-of-the-art vending refrigerators in several corporate offices around the Nashville area to provide Eat Well meals on-demand for our city’s young professionals.


Eat Well Instagram

Eat Well Website


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