Derrick Billups Jr – City Fit Concierge

City Fit Concierge is changing the game of fitness in Nashville. See what this innovative and convenient approach to fitness company is all about!

The other day I had a chance to sit down with Derrick Billups Jr, owner and founder of City Fit Concierge. CFC, coined the “Uber of Fitness” is essentially an all encompassing “house call” model of fitness, where instructors of all categories come to your place of residence or work, to teach a fitness class. Below is an excerpt of our awesome conversation…check them out in Nashville, Raleigh, and hopefully soon to a city near you!

Q: What is your background, and how did you come up with this idea?

A: Derrick was always an athlete and an athletic trainer. He decided to move to Nashville 4 years ago, and picked up as a trainer at Results Fitness on Music Row. Managing that studio for 2 years, and helping them expand to the 12/12 location, he was pushed to expand his own brand. Being in the fitness space allowed him to build that brand as well as valuable relationships to help him launch CFC. Beginning in September of 2016, CFC was built around a strategic team of fitness professionals (about 18) that span multiple categories, and now are present in near 30 hotels, corporate offices, and residential complexes. Building on the Nashville foundation, CFC was expanded to Raleigh, NC one month ago. That expansion offered great partnership opportunities, and is currently build around a team of 5. To Derrick, the whole motivation around CFC is to “bring the fitness community together into one platform, uniting the community as one.”

Q: What is it that you offer?

A: CFC holds open classes and donation classes around the city of Nashville. Their model doesn’t revolve around brick and mortar studios, but more the mobile angle, with the flexibility to move around. Nashville Fit Magazine recently did an editorial on CFC and their offerings, which include the CFC app, a food delivery service through EatWell Nashville, and what trainings they offer. “We wanted to do something groundbreaking in this city, to take what has been done to the next level.” CFC works by having the location with which they’ve partnered, promote the service to their residents. It is offered for anywhere from 1-multiple people. Each location will give residents handouts and flyers with specials on them, to allow them to contact CFC with their training needs. Participants can find a class they want and request that trainer to come to them. If they want a service that isn’t listed, CFC will make a call to the applicable local studio to get someone out to do the service. CFC is “always adding layers, because it’s so new, but now are trying to scale to avoid too fast of growth while still expanding.” Anyone interested can book through App, can call, or schedule through the MindBody app. CFC also has classes at locations to take advantage of the outdoors and has a running club, where anyone who wants to join just signs up. Currently their biggest struggle is advertising on social media. Since they offer so much, viewers can get confused as to what they actually are, where basically, the opportunities are vast! CFC successfully attended the first Nashville Music City Fit Expo on 7/15.

Q: Considering the fitness/wellness movement in Nashville, how do you see your company fitting into the direction that it is going?

A: CFC thinks that fitness, along with everything else, is taking the convenience angle. Derrick notes that “we aren’t doing anyting that hasn’t been done, but this city at times is behind in how fast it catches on to new trends”. So with a strong movement to move into the convenience angle, it is time for fitness to do the same. Especially with traffic, if people can get quality service at home for a little extra money, they’ll do that every time. These are the people they are targeting. Convenient and onsite trainings are more in demand than ever.

Q: If you were to add something or move into a space you haven’t done yet, what would it be?

A: CFC has talked about getting into the mobile video space. With trainers recording exercise to have quality internet content for ease and use on the go. They want to perfect and integrate these videos into their app and website. They want consumers to know that they aren’t just onsite, but have the ability to do the workout videos that anyone can access. Considering the huge market for this, it will add to the already high success of CFC.

Q:If there was any one thing you want people to know about you guys?:

A: We want consumers to know that “we deliver onsite fitness and wellness to the community with passion and integrity.” The company slogan 😊 That is what their model is based on. Derrick mentions that this is a wonderful way to meet people and build relationships, which is what the fitness community is all about. It’s about who you know. They give back the community, and offer an innovative way to stay in shape. Check them out on social media, and inquire more to their services if you wish to bring them onsite to your home or workplace!